Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Additional Research Questions

Other potential research questions arose from the stakeholder process. Although these were not directly addressed in interviews or in the workshop, they have come to our attention as important topics that warrant further inquiry. These topics include:
  1. The EIS system should be re-engineered to account for ne communication technology. How can new communication technology best be used in the EIS system?
  2. Can/should programmatic and strategic EISs be used more frequently in Hawaii? What benefits might this provide?
  3. Are the current content requirements adequately covering impacts? Should more requirements be added/removed?
  4. Can/should the process be made more consistent with NEPA?
  5. What role does judicial review play in the EIS process? How can this role be better defined?
  6. How can baselines and thresholds be better integrated into the EIS process?
  7. Much past development has been on undeveloped lands. However, in the future we may be seeing more urban infill projects. How can the system best function to address these two different kinds of development at the same time?

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