Saturday, October 10, 2009

Draft Recommendations: Overview

The draft recommendations are organized into five themes: Applicability, Governance, Participation, Content, and Process. Applicability refers to the screening process used to determine which projects and actions should be subject to environmental review, and which should be exempted from the process. Governance recommendations discuss how best to allocate management, oversight, and support for the environmental review (ER) system. Participation focuses on recommendations for improving participation by both the public and agencies. Content includes recommendations for improving the substance of environmental review documents. Process addresses issues identified with how the process is implemented, including who should prepare and accept documents and shelf life.

Each theme has a set of recommendations. A particular recommendation may have sub-points, which are components that help explain the recommendation or a possible implementation strategy. The components are considered optional aspects of the recommendation and a combination of the components are possible to achieve the desired outcome. Several recommendations feature a set of alternative implementations to achieve the recommendation. In these cases, the alternatives may be mutually exclusive, but components of one alternative may be applicable to another alternative.

  1. Applicability
    1. Triggers
    2. Exemptions

  2. Governance

  3. Participation

  4. Content
    1. Cumulative Impacts
    2. Mitigation Measures
    3. Cultural Impact Assessment
    4. Climate Change
    5. Disaster Management

  5. Process
    1. Preparation
    2. Shelf Life
    3. Determinations and Acceptability

A downloadable PDF is included below for easy printing and reading in analog.

UH EIS Study Draft Recommendations

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