Friday, February 12, 2010

SB2818 SD1 Available

Senate Bill 2818 has been amended to SD1, which is available here.

This amended bill incorporates the recommendations by Senators Gabbard and Hee at their respective committee meetings.


  1. Despite the amendments, I think you will find almost everyone affected by the proposed legislation adamantly opposed to it, even with some of the amendments.

    Your analysis of the existing "problems" with the system are deeply flawed.

    Most of your proposals create radical changes to the system that you have no idea how it will affect the private sector or government. To you folks at the University, this may be an interesting experiment, but to all of us who have to live within and operate under your proposed changes we deeply resent being your "guinea pigs."

    Although I understand that the UH Study Team put in a lot of time and effort in your study, the fact is that you came into the study with biases and extreme lack of experience and understanding of the nitty gritty of the environmental review system and about the State's and Counties' land use and building regulatory system. One of those tell-tale signs of your profound ignorance was when Karl Kim expressed the forum you sponsored his incredulity about the lenght of EAs being nearly the same as EISs. To practitioners like myself, we were thinking "So what!" WHy does Mr. Kim believe that there should be some significant difference. He and the rest of the team have appparently written few if any such environmental disclosure documents. You obviously have little undertstanding of the nitty gritty of their technical requirements. Because of such naive remarks by Mr. Kim and the proposed legislation attempting to dictate the maximum length of such documents, it is difficult for any of us practitioners to have much respect for any of the UH team's final recommmendations, quite frankly. You are simply clueless about what you are getting into legally and operationally when it comes to changing the current system. Your understading as academics and outsiders to the process is just much too shallow to be taken seriously.

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